Green Grass Snake

Care instructions for felt:

Felted wool slippers and shoes, as well as other natural wool does not require washing. Wool naturally repels dirt, it is usually sufficient to air felt footwear for the odor to disappear.

If necessary, wash clogs by hand or in a washing machine (cold water cycle). The clogs should be washed and rinsed in cold water, as felted things can shrink because of temperature variations. Use detergent if required.

Leave upright to dry on absorbent surface (such as a dry towel) to get rid of excess water. Reshape by hand or (or put on and shape on foot) while damp and leave it to dry. 


Our slippers are hand-made. Due to high demand, some sizes might be out of stock. In such case, any purchase made for those sizes would be custom-created and delivered in 3-5 weeks from the date of purchase. 

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