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In nature, there are no identical leaves, flowers or snowflakes. The same way, we are all unique human beings, each of us a work of art.


That’s why we deserve clothing and accessories that are not mass-produced, but made individually and with love, from the highest quality, natural materials.


Daiva Vitkute has dedicated her life to creating one of a kind pieces, each of them made to meet their one and only true owner. Her pieces, choose what you love - whether it’s clothing, fabric prints, slippers, interior design and its details, ceramics, amber jewelry, clothes for pets… You will be a proud owner of an original, organic piece that will match who are in your core and express your personality in its most beautiful forms.


How does Daiva find her inspiration?


In the process of creation, we should look back to our roots, and Daiva’s roots are in Lithuania, a norther-eastern European country of ancient pagan traditions. Her pieces are inspired by the old ethnographical customs of Lithuania, natural local materials and are handmade with lots of care and creativity. Throughout her works, there is a figure of Egle the Queen of Serpents, the protagonist of Daiva’s favorite childhood fairytale, read and re-read many times to her by her grandfather, the person who was the closest to her from her whole family. Egle is a Lithuanian mythological creature, a woman who fell in love with Zilvinas, the King of Serpents and followed him to live in his underwater world. Their love united two opposite worlds, Earth and Water, making their superficial differences irrelevant. But their love story was meant to end tragically, as Egle’s family decided to “rescue” her by killing her husband. In grief, she turned herself and her children into trees. Daiva’s favorite fairytale has stayed with her and taught her that two different worlds can unite in harmony, and only people’s lack of understanding creates suffering, divisions and wars.


Besides the love for the “other,” and her country’s ethnographical traditions, Daiva is inspired by nature. Her biggest desire is to preserve it as we found it, untouched. She finds her biggest comfort and inspiration when she goes camping and spends days surrounded by majestic nature, whether it’s a forest, a lake, mountains or beach.


She also finds inspiration when she goes to Lithuania, her native green country, which is considered to be very clean, with lots of forests, lakes and a beautiful Baltic seaside with pine trees and white sand dunes. There is the biggest population of storks found in Lithuania - and these birds choose places that are natural and clean.


Why does she strive for uniqueness in her art?


Every little creation of nature is unique, and therefore, Daiva strongly desires to reflect this uniqueness in her work. From the prints in clothing to designs of slippers, all her works are individual and personalized. They are all made from organic materials - ceramics, wood, wool, amber… Amber is her favorite stone because of its natural lightness and beautiful color, and also because it is considered to help balance a person’s energies, especially female hormones. Natural wool that Daiva uses for her wool slippers increases the circulation and are especially beneficial for women and babies, just as wool socks knitted by a grandmother… The uniqueness of her pieces and natural materials that she uses also help preserve the nature, assuring that she doesn’t contribute to non-organic waste by mass producing items that people will soon throw out…


What kind of items does Daiva produce?


Daiva is very creative, and her work is more about uniqueness, traditional mythology and natural ingredients than about one specific line of items.


Currently, Daiva creates:


- Clothes with unique prints

- A line of linen dresses

- Linen towels

- Clothing for pets

- Natural wool slippers

- Wooden cards

- Ceramics

- Amber jewelry


Daiva also sells:


- Natural herbal tea from hand-picked Lithuanian herbs 

- Vegan creams for hands, face, legs, hair and all body

- Wooden logical games for children and parents



Listen to your heart, and choose a unique piece that will match your unique needs and personality.

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